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What does it consist of?

Imagine you want to implement a customer support chatbot that leverages the vast amount of questions and answers contained in the emails exchanged between your support service and customers. However, these emails often contain sensitive and private information about your customers that should not be exposed through the chatbot.

The same concern arises when implementing any GDPR-compliant service that handles personal data. To address this, we have integrated an Anonymization mode within Nuclia, our advanced knowledge management system.

Enabling Anonymization Mode

When you create a Knowledge Box using Nuclia, you have the option to enable the Anonymization mode. This feature ensures that any personal information, such as people names, phone numbers, email addresses, bank account details, or credit card numbers, present in the data you push to your Knowledge Box is automatically identified and removed.

By activating the Anonymization mode, you can confidently utilize the information stored in your knowledge without compromising the privacy of your customers or violating data protection regulations.

Anonymization Process

The anonymization process implemented in Nuclia is based on MAPA.

MAPA utilizes state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques to detect and categorize personal information within text data. Through this integration, Nuclia leverages MAPA's robust anonymization capabilities to ensure that sensitive information is promptly and accurately identified and removed.

Using MAPA Nuclia guarantees a high level of data privacy and protection, enabling you to confidently utilize your support email data for training your chatbot or implementing GDPR-compliant services.