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Test search in the Nuclia Dashboard

Once some files have been indexed, you can use the search input in the Nuclia Dashboard top bar.

Nuclia returns different kinds of results:

  • Contents: contents that match the search query
  • Paragraphs: paragraphs that match the search query (in case the content is not textual, like a video, it might be a given sequence)
  • Relations: any named entity (like a person, a company, a country, etc.) or significant figures or dates that are related to the search query
  • Sentences: sentences semantically closed to the search query

You can search using a plain sentence like:

Where is the Little Prince coming from?

Or you can create structured queries using logical operators and relations.

Structured queries can be either entered manually, or composed by using the filter pane.

See query syntax details for more information.

Publish your knowledge box

In order to let other people search your knowledge box, you need to publish it.

Go to the left menu and click on Knowledge box settings, then click on Publish.

Add a search widget to your website

To empower your website or web application with Nuclia search, the simplest way is to add a Nuclia search widget to your website.

The Nuclia search widget is a ready-to-use search input allowing users to search in your knowledge box and display the results without having to write any code.

In the Nuclia Dashboard, go to the left menu and click on Widgets.

Copy the generated code snippet and paste it into your website.

You will obtain something similar to this:

Search using the API


You can search your knowledge box using the Nuclia API:

curl https://<zone><your-knowledge-box-id>/search?query=Where+is+the+Little+Prince+coming+from

See query syntax details for more information.